Barbara has brought her considerable talents to various projects and companies over the past 20 years. Her passion for what she does is contagious, and she draws the best out of others by loving what she does! I have repeatedly given her challenging projects throughout various industries, and she delivers exceptional results each time. Through her efforts we introduced Engineered Standards across a large-scale distribution network. What could have been a challenging implementation was greatly enhanced by her ability to bring interest and excitement to everyday topics. Her breadth of video expertise bridges leadership development, sales training, new product launches, large scale company events, etc. I have yet to discover a project that Barbara can't make better!   
Andrew Foster 
Chief HR Trimark USA 
Barbara is the most capable Producer / Director I have worked with. She handles the 30,000-foot view, which can be a daunting effort when producing a multi-location / effects laden production which she has done numerous times! She breezes through pulling crew, equipment, creative and administrative elements together with a high level of contagious energy! But the best part is that Barbara also has the most amazing eye for details. You can rely on her to bring an appropriately unique and creative slant to things. Watching her on set is always fun.

James Fasso, Partner of International Corporate Video 
Pleasanton, CA

Barbara is hands down one of the best directors/producers I have ever worked with. She has a strong eye for detail and a calm focused approach. Her demeanor on and off set is insightful, positive and collaborative, which leads to great performances, amazing productions, and happy clients. 

Her guidance and direction have been helpful to me on set, and many of her notes I carry with me to other jobs. I believe her advice and instruction have helped me to be a better and more focused professional. I strongly recommend Barbara  for any and all projects. She is clearly a cut above the rest. 
Jeff Handy 
Actor, Producer, Los Angeles, CA 
Barb is one of those people that you just love working with. She's also one of those people you just love. Sometimes the distinction between friend and business colleague gets blurred because it's so easy when you're working with Barb. Zero egos and a barrel of laughs makes the time fly by. Personalities aside, Barb is a very smart women (she'd never admit it though, especially with that cute southern drawl of hers) and is a master of organization and getting things done. Creativity and humor come incredibly natural to Barb and it shines through in every project she produces. Barb doesn't just do a project to get it done... she's one of those rare people that takes each project personally and puts 110% into it, knowing each of those projects reflects her name. I've seen this time and time again ever since I started working with her in the late 1990's. If you can't trust Barbara, I seriously don't know who you can trust. A true gem in the industry.
Marco Solario: One River Media, Walnut Creek CA

For those of you unfamiliar with Barbara Murray, let me assure you that if you need creative approaches, stunning corporate events, or well coordinated graphic solutions delivered on time and within the budget, you have come to the right place.

Barb Murray has been a creative resource for our company for over ten years. Through web design, our unique “Big Show” corporate events, and countless other creative touches, Barb has provided our team at Ryness Company with an unlimited number of positive experiences that cost far less than they were worth. We have referred Barb to dozens of our clients for their special needs with 100% satisfaction by our clients. I give Barb an unqualified endorsement.  

Gary Ryness, President
The Ryness Company, Danville, CA
Having worked with Barbara Murray for years, I can tell you that she consistently brings joy to the task at hand, a joy that spreads to everyone in the room.  We have done presentation skills Training for young high potentials, and her ability to transform their presentation inside of one day is astonishing.  I think it's the years of coaching gymnastics:  she sees small muscle movements the rest of us would miss, and turns them into presentation assets.  High commitment, creative follow-through, the ability to make everyone laugh and feel more at ease, excellent outcomes—who wouldn't benefit from that combination?  Talk with her.  You'll be struck by her intelligence and her laugh.
Nancy Breuer, Owner
Clear Magic LLC and Writing and Editing Consultant
Barbara is an extremely talented and creative producer. She has great command of the cast and crew on the set. She brings humor to the set which creates an engaging and enjoyable work environment. I highly recommend Barbara if you are looking for someone to bring your project from concept to reality in a style that will bring a smile to your face.
Dave Dunham: Partner, ICV – Pleasanton, CA
Hired Barbara as Producer and Director
I just wanted to write and once again tell you how impressed I am with your work.   The morning we spent with you at the ICV studio was one I will not soon forget.   In addition to hiring orchestras, I have done a fair amount of opera singing and acting, and I have NEVER worked with a more efficient and better prepared director than you.    It is a rare pleasure to have someone in charge who is so on top of everything and with such a positive attitude, and I thank you.
Carole Klein, Personnel Manager, Fremont Symphony and Opera Orchestras
Martinez Opera
Golden Gate Festival Orchestra
Barbara has a genuine gift for telling stories and sharing information in a way that's engaging and funny. She can take a subject seemingly as dry as engineered workplace standards and present it in a lively way that demands attention. She also has a genuine gift for working with people. She wants everyone to look his or her best on camera, and she works miracles in helping people to relax, feel confident and even enjoy themselves. If you have a video project or event, you couldn't be in better hands than with Barbara. 
Allan Halcrow
Partner, Help Jim, Irvine, CA
Barbara worked with me to create a National Sales Meeting opening video. The project had time constraints, used non-actors, had myriad logistics, required great people skills and a great sense of humor, patience, out of the box creativity - and much more. Barbara was brilliant at every turn. This woman knows what she's doing, does better than most, and is wonderful to work with. I'd work with her anywhere, any time. In fact, I hope it is very soon. 
Carol Keys
Keys Creative Group
When I think of Barbara, I begin to laugh. Yes, she’s THAT funny. It’s rare, but every now and then, you get to work with someone who truly makes a difference in the work you do, the way you handle situations, and the kind of day you have. Barb always makes it a good day. Her enthusiasm for creating, shooting, directing, and editing videos is unparalleled. Overworked, overwhelmed, and overextended do not exist in her vocabulary. Whatever it takes to get the job done – and done well – she does it. And all with a positive attitude and unrelenting humor. 
With Barb, you get the advantage of a loyal team player, a talented video producer and director, and a wonderful friend. I would recommend Barb time and time again. And if you do get to meet her, be sure to ask her about her time in the circus…  
Nicole Putorak | Copywriter, Global Marketing
PerkinElmer | For the Better 
I had the pleasure of working with Barbara over the past two years, as part of the Global Marketing Creative team, and I found that she was a true asset to PerkinElmer not only as a Video Producer and Photographer, but also as an educator, trainer, and mentor. Barbara’s skills and talents are apparent in the many, many internal and customer-facing videos she concepted, produced, shot and edited… but they were also invaluable when she was asked to step in and do on-site photoshoots for consumables and instruments. She never said no to an opportunity to help – and was even willing to hold in-person instruction for senior leadership, internal teams, or work on the universally hated PowerPoint presentation. Barbara brought to everything she worked on a sparkling sense of humor, which made even the most tedious projects fun. Her work ethic is outstanding, and she never, ever hesitated to put in 200% (or more) to be sure whatever she worked on was done on-time, within budget, and even better than anticipated. Barbara is an amazing talent, a funny and entertaining coworker, and also a great friend – and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for that something extra.
You NEED Barbara on your team.
Wendy Simko
Sr. Creative Designer
Creative Global Campaigns

Barb Murray is quite simply the best there is in video production.  I owe her a debt of gratitude for her production of sales videos that put my training career on the map. There wasn't a piece of the process that was left to chance.  She was in on the scripting, complete production pieces camera, audio, tech, the works.  She vetted the acting talent and had a knack for finding great players.  A total joy to work with!  It is now a race in Connecticut for what business wants to outpace their competition by hiring Barb.  She will take your team to the next level.  She makes you better.

James Suth
VP of Sales and Marketing @ Landsea Homes