This video was created for a live event and for the client's webpage. I produced and directed this video.

There are five professional actors and the rest of the people are from the client's own staff.

This was two days of shooting in the studio on green screen. Numerous props and sets were needed to pull this off successfully along with excellent organization and a great crew.


This video was produced for the opening of a live event. We used all amateur talent from their company. I produced, directed and handled props and sets on this shoot.

We shot for two days. It was intentionally shot with a rough production style.







This video was made with still photos and After Effects for a conference in Las Vegas.



This video was for a conference and online.

One professional actor and everyone else was an employee of the company.


Online Independent Review Show for films
I wrote, directed and produced this video.

There were 6 actors and 2 crew people

There are 25 episodes.

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